Hologic: Rising Beyond HIV


About This Project

We embarked on a journey to shed light on HIV testing and how that impacts the community living with HIV. A docustyle narrative with expert insights and stories of those who have executed Hologic’s plan from R&D to market. We follow Akil’s journey of understanding the unmet need and Hologic’s mission to educate and provide a first-in-class testing platform.



How to tell the story of the important role testing plays in achieving undetected status for those living with HIV. With lab directors being the primary target audience, the challenge is crafting a narrative fit for all audiences.



We crafted a story that follows influencer Akil Wingate as he embarks on a journey of discovery. The piece is centered around the story of Alphonso &Ja’Mel; a couple living with HIV but are now undetected through routine testing and monitoring.